How To Protect Your Homes Electrical Wiring From Attic Pests

There are all sorts of creepy-crawly pests roaming around outside of your home. Unfortunately, if you wait too long before implementing basic do-it-yourself (diy) pest control measures, a small problem can quickly multiply into serious damage to your home. Household pest control. The trick is to prevent potential pests from invading your home.

Learn the 13 secrets about bugs, pests, and rodents. That’s what we love to do-whether it’s the electrical wiring in your car or the gas lines inside your house. “It can also shut down the.

Problems Caused When Rodents And Other Pests Chew Your Electrical Wires Because of their instinct to chew and gnaw, rodents – namely rats and mice – can wreak havoc in electrical systems when they expose wires after chewing off the coatings. Once wires are exposed, the wires can short or cause fires. Another reason rats and mice gnaw on cables is because the cables obstruct their path.

FAQs Straight answers to common questions. Your bright homes home is made up of many systems that require care, maintenance and occasionally repair to keep all elements running smoothly.

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If wires pass through your attic, you may want to consider: Burying your cables in concrete. Rodents can’t chew through even a thin layer. If you have to rethink your home’s wiring after an outage or fire, take this step early on. Using a metal conduit or steel cover. If exposed wires run over a long distance in your home, cover them with.

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Cascade Pest Control Rodent Inspections for Rodent Control Don't let mice, rats and other rodents take over your home.. They gnaw on electrical wires and can harm the structure of a home as well as furnishings within.