Termites Can Infest Boats

PS The boat is in South Louisiana so we not only have the subterranean termites, but also the super evil, and hard to get rid of, Formosins! redfish. The view here often is "If termite infestation is found it is probably buggered – wood wise"

What is a Termite Letter? Here’s how to identify and prevent termite infestation. termites can cause problems for houses through out the continental United States. In many instances, homeowners are unaware that termites are.

a new homeowner can be stuck with expensive damage repair, sometimes costing them over $200,000," says Daniel Whitney, a Maryland attorney who represents homeowners who have moved into a.

While subterranean termites are the primary culprits behind large-scale infestations in timber-framed houses and buildings, drywood termites commonly infest isolated wood-constructed objects, such as decorative items, baseball bats, wooden boats and furniture items. Drywood termites can also infest structural woods, such as attic wood and.

Termite wings are a sure sign that your home has been infested. Termites are attracted by moisture and dampness, so anything involving water can be a hazard for homeowners. Termites always need a.

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One insect that can infest a sailboat is the termite. Even though most boats these days don’t use wood exteriors, a boat will still have plenty of wood used in the construction process which is a feast for termites. Fortunately, a sailboat is a small, isolated area which makes the job easier.

Treating termite infested boats and yachts can be difficult. Because these vessels are usually on or near the water, extreme care needs to be taken to ensure the protection of the waters.

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In fact, termites in boats can cause catastrophic damage if left untreated. At Nozzle Nolen, we specialize in boat pest control and marine pest control and are ready to help owners eliminate onboard insects.

Village destroyed as termites take over If you are thinking of buying or selling a boat in the Naples and Fort Myers area PestMax can inspect it for termite infestation. BOAT FUMIGATION process pestmax boat fumigation technicians are skilled and experienced in the effective elimination of termites from your boat.

Despite taking seven years, and blowing his budget, to restore a termite-infested classic sail boat fashioned after a famous racing boat, German retiree Franz Hartstein has not regrets and is ready to hit the waters.