West Nile Virus Threat Continues Well Into the Fall

Living with the effects of West Nile Virus West Nile virus, which has killed 18 people along the East Coast since it surfaced in this country three years ago, will probably continue its westward march this summer, health officials warned.

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Virology and Molecular Biology of WNV. West Nile virus is a positive-stranded RNA virus in the family Flaviviridae (genus Flavivirus), which includes other human pathogens such as dengue, yellow fever, and Japanese encephalitis viruses [1, 2].The virion consists of an envelope surrounding an icosahedral capsid of approximately 50 nm in size.

A. West Nile virus (WNV) is an old world mosquito-borne pathogen that appeared unexpectantly in the New York metropolitan area in the fall of 1999. The disease was first thought to be St. Louis encephalitis, a closely related mosquito-borne virus that is relatively common in the continental United States.

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Free Online Library: WEST NILE PRECAUTION STILL URGED THREAT LINGERS INTO THE FALL.(News) by "Daily news (los angeles, CA)"; News, opinion and commentary General interest West Nile fever

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The scientists say Montana’s mosquito season will continue well into the last half of September, meaning West Nile virus is still a threat, said Montana State University entomologist Greg Johnson.

Though temperatures around the country are cooling down, mosquito populations can flourish well in to the fall months, bringing with them the threat of West Nile virus.As of October 14, 2014, the Centers for Disease Control reports that a total of 47 states and the District of Columbia have reported West Nile virus infections in people, birds, or mosquitoes.