Where Pavement Ants Come From

Pavement ants can be a nuisance in virtually every state when they emerge from their ground nests and enter homes in search of food.They’re called “pavement ants” because they tend to live beneath areas such as cellar slabs, driveways, brick or stone patios, sidewalks, as well as in and under organic hiding places, such as logs and in mulch.

Pavement Ants. This ant’s name is derived from its preference for nesting in soil next to and beneath slabs, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Colonies are usually easy to find due to the piles of displaced soil next to and on top of pavement. Indoors, pavement ants nest under the foundation and within hollow block foundation walls.

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Ant baits and ant dust are both excellent options for controlling pavement ants. Look for pavement ant colonies around the foundations of your home. Also check around logs or large rocks. Inside, look around baseboards, along carpet edges and under sinks. Treat areas where ants are observed.

Pavement ants make their nests in the walls, under the floors, in cracks of sidewalks, etc. they pile the dirt around their nests making a heap giving a look of their pavement. The pavement ants have a very broad distribution all over the world. Originated from Europe, they are found in Greece, Turkey, Germany, Spain, and other different countries.

Discussed below is the difference between carpenter and pavement ants. The first step to ant control, is to identify which type of ant we are dealing with. Carpenter ants are known to feed on sugar and proteins. This might come as a surprise to many as they are known to bore holes in wood but they only do that make tunnels.

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