Winter Weather Drives Rodents, Bats, Ants and Termites Indoors

Winter weather can make you home more accessible for common pests.. snow accumulation sends rodents seeking warmth indoors. If there are small cracks and crevices in your home, they make easy access points.. This can attract various pests that love moisture, such as carpenter ants or termites;

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Termites in Winter Are Termites Active in the Winter? Termites Dig Deeper for Food During Cooler Months. Termites remain active year round – even during the winter. However, winter brings some changes in the daily routine of subterranean termite colonies.

Ants or Termites? Wood Decay Fungus; Wood Infesting beetles;. fall weather Brings Pests Indoors; Oct 15 2017. Pest Control Blog .. Rodents Moving Indoors This Winter November 30, 2017. What Fall Pest Can You Expect This Year? November 12, 2017.

As the weather continues to get colder at night, rodents seek refuge in your homes. As the weather continues to get colder at night, rodents seek refuge in your homes. Contact Us: [email protected] +1 (951) 694-8100. Black Knight Termite & Pest Control – Temecula CA. Info. Email. Search.

This time of year, you prefer to stay indoors – so do rodents like rats, mice and squirrels. They also want a warm place, with plenty of nesting materials and food nearby. In response, several homes deal with rodent infestations once winter arrives.

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Ants Nesting Indoors Can Remain Active in Winter. If the ants had been nesting inside your home, you would probably still be seeing them, at least on occasion, because the warm indoor temperatures would keep them somewhat active.. As soon as the weather warms up in the spring, so do outdoor.

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