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Featured are the brown recluse, black widow, hobo spider, wolf spider, white-tail spider, black house spider, huntsman and other spiders with notes to aid in identification.

Summer Pest Health Threats can also be a threat in the fall, as the ticks that hatched earlier in the year mature. Though most cases occur in the summer, the ticks that spread the bacteria behind Lyme disease are also active.

Are there any venomous spiders in Washington? The real concern is whether or not the spider is venomous enough to present a danger. Nearly all spiders are venomous to some extent, yet very few are harmful to people.

Spiders fall from the sky all the time. Most airborne spiders are small and scattered, so they often go unnoticed, except when they descend all at once. A rain of spiders drowned the Australian town.

Spiders are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) after the acquisition of the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) under the ticker symbol SPY. By trading similar to stocks, spiders have.

Spiders. Identify It > Spiders > This page features 65 species of spider. The first 16 are the ones we receive most questions about. If you’re trying to identify a spider check those 16 first.

Travel Tips: The Bed Bug Connection If you travel smart it is wise to know how to avoid bed bugs when traveling. This article provides the best and most practical traveling advice for avoiding bed bugs and also knowing what to do to get rid of bed bugs if they hitch a ride in your luggage back home.