Spring Cleaning to Keep Pests Out

Spring cleaning is in full swing. This year, make sure you do a little more than wipe the dust and wipe the walls. Maximize your efforts to keep the spring bugs out, too. These spring cleaning tips will help you avoid spring pests so you can have a peaceful summer.

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Yard |  Clean with Me! But it’s also the time when household pests start to become more active, seeking out steady food sources and a place to reproduce. While you’re tackling that spring cleaning "to-do" list, take some time to keep the pests at bay this year:

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These tiny, pear-shaped critters have long antennae and two tubes projecting rearward from their abdomen. They usually hang out on most fruits and vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, and shade trees.

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Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Unwanted Pests Out of Your Home Cleaning out your closet, fridge, or basement might not seem to be a priority this spring but, ignoring these areas can cause serious pest problems throughout the season, and may even lurk into summer and beyond.

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A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Pests.. Patio pests to look out for this spring include house flies, mosquitos, ants, birds, and cockroaches.. By incorporating these tips and tactics, restaurateurs can help keep pests out of the picture this spring.

The good news is, the spring cleaning that you do can help reduce the chances of you coming across pests this spring. If you’re about to get started with your spring cleaning, today’s blog is for you! We’re going to touch on a few spring cleaning tips that will help keep pests away throughout the spring.

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Having firewood leaning on your home is a surefire way to invite pests! Enjoy The Spring and Summer Months. If you take these proactive pest-control steps during your spring-cleaning regimen, you’ll be setting yourself up for a spring and summer filled with pest-free living.

An Ounce of Prevention. A better-and far cheaper-way to deal with uninvited guests is to keep them from getting in at all. It’s a little like burglar-proofing: If you make it tough enough to break in, they’ll give up and go elsewhere.