Springtail (“Snow Fleas) Pest Control Tips & Info

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Adam’s Pest Control Gets Rid of Springtail Fast. pringtails are the most abundant tiny insects in the world, and are found in huge numbers in moist habitats.. Enter your email below to view helpful DIY pest prevention tips. Name: Email: Sign Up. (hence their nickname "snow fleas.

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Because they only infrequently damage plants, there’s little reason to control springtails outdoors unless their numbers become a nuisance. The comprehensive integrated pest Management website at the University of California says outdoor use of pesticides aren’t effective against this pest and won’t provide long-term control by themselves.

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Springtails are just a nuisance pest. Springtails do not damage food products, clothes, furniture, or the structure of your home.. (hence their nickname "snow fleas"). Springtails from the class Collembola have a tube beneath the abdomen, which secretes "glue"; this tube is important in.

Springtail Control. Springtails are frequently found in new homes feeding on surface mold growing on structural wood that became wet during construction. A season or two of heating and cooling the home will dry out the wood in the walls.

One species of springtails, Hypogastrura nivicola, are known as snow fleas. On warm winter days these black springtails can sometimes be seen on the snow surface searching for pollen spores. On warm winter days these black springtails can sometimes be seen on the snow surface searching for pollen spores.