Summer Pests: How to Prevent Pests at Summer Cookouts

Protecting your home from pests is an all year job. But when the summer heat sets in, the pests become a menace all aiming for the refuge in your home. Read on to see the possible pests that will trouble you in the summer and how you can combat the summer pests.

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Luckily, there are ways to combat those critters.The editors at Martha Stewart Living shared a few tips with TODAY Home to keep bugs away from your cookout.

Summer means warm weather, cookouts, water activities, and, unfortunately, a list of pests that love the hot temperatures as much as we do. Luckily, these critters don’t have to ruin your summer fun.

Sign up to get the best of Philly, every day. Winding up on the summer barbecue menu is never a good way to spend the evening, but there are lots of ways to keep bugs away without dousing yourself or.

With summer rapidly approaching, the frequency of outdoor festivals, cookouts, picnics and other outdoor events is not only a favorite for local residents but also pests.

Where Do Mice Hide in a House?  · How to Take Care of Mice. Mice are great pets for people of all ages and are fairly easy to care for. You should start by providing the right housing. An aquarium or wire cage with proper substrate is great for a mouse. You should also. A bug free summer is just this easy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a home, camper, cabin or backyard. We WILL keep the bugs away! Contact us today.

How to Keep Bugs Away in Every Summer Situation. It’s the gold standard for protection against the bugs that carry diseases like West Nile and Lyme.. mites and many other kinds of pests.

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Some pests, like cockroaches, spiders, and stinging insects find the late summer breeze perfect for nesting and breeding. Male spiders scurry around to find female spiders to mate with in late summer and early fall, making August and September the worst time of year for spider infestations.

Orkin’s Top Five Summer Pests and Prevention Tips In a recent 2012 survey conducted by pest control leader Orkin, two-thirds (67 percent) of respondents across the U.S. began seeing bugs between April and June.

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Keeping Your Summer Cookout Pest-Free – Muskego, WI – Tips for keeping your summer cookout pest-free. Toggle navigation.. Use fans to create a breeze that will keep insects away.