Summertime Pests Like Termites Can Hide Under Floorboards

Termites can damage a house’s floors just as they can its walls and foundation. When the bugs find food in flooring, the most typical point of attack is actually the structures holding the floor up, not the stuff you walk on every day.

Termite swarmers can look like flying ants, and they are often confused. The difference between these two pests will greatly impact the type of service needed to control them in your property. Often a suspected problem with termites, turns out to be a problem with carpenter ants or fire ants, because they look so similar.

Potted plants should never be placed directly on top of ground soil, since subterranean termites can easily access these potted plants. Potted plants release moisture which is absorbed by nearby ground soil. The resultant moist hotspots are known for attracting termites, and this problem is especially common during the summer months.

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“They’re just like any other living thing,” said Jim Sutherland, owner of C&S Pest Control. “They need food. areas and don’t often come into buildings. They prefer to hide under rocks and brush,”.

Roaches can hide in unusual places, such as under appliances, inside cabinets, or even behind floorboards. If you find roaches in your home , there are a wide variety of reasons why these pests may have found their way inside.

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Why You Need Pest Control In Your Home.. in the ceiling, under floorboards, farm buildings, sewage systems, trash bins and rubbish dumps.. rats like to hide and stay hidden in dark places if.

decomposed floor boards, that can collapse any time.. Termites feces. It can be found either under the floor or on the floor, Sign of infestation Identify the pests: what do termite droppings look like? Sign of infestation.

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But that doesn’t mean most bugs like to roast out in the sun all summer. Insects use a lot of creative ways to cool off.. Hide in the Shade of Shrubs. If insects can’t get inside they’ll seek out cool shade under dense plants like shrubs. This doesn’t affect the actual temperature in.