Termite Activity in the Winter

Termites live in practically every region in the world. These insects eat materials made from wood and can cause serious damage to structures. Most homeowners are conscious of termite activity during the warmer seasons; however, they may not be as aware of termite activity in the winter months.

Winter may mean hibernation for many animals, but termites don’t take a break. Learn why you shouldn’t let your guard down for termites in winter.

The first thing to do in the termite bait installation is to place stations in the ground of suspected termite activity. The bait stations need to contain wood or an inspection cartridge that serve as a.

What Is The Life-Cycle Of Termite? Rachel Nuwer, of American site OnEarth, told of how her entomology professor served up plates of termite cookies. on the environmental benefits of farming mealworms. They made life cycle.

In reality, termites are active throughout the entire year, even in winter. When termites are nested in a heated building or the adjacent soil to heated basements, little to no change can be observed in their daily habits during the winter. Throughout the year, termite queens are steadily laying eggs at a consistent rate.

Termites are Active Winter Termites in Winter. Termites are sensitive to moisture and temperature.. However, if a colony is established in a warm home and is able to maintain a moist connection to the soil, then termite activity may remain steady through cold winter months.

Each year as Winter turns to Spring, a natural phenomenon – termite swarm. If you see any signs of termite activity, please call the company that currently has.

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The season isn’t the only thing that controls termite activity. Since termites like to seek shelter within your climate-controlled home, they may be active all year long. Don’t feel a sense of false security because it is a chilly outside or it is a winter month – if you suspect termite activity it’s never too soon to.

We all love the sweet respite from bugs that winter gives us.. you even knowing since their activity is reduced in the cold months.. If you have a termite problem in the warmer months, don't expect the winter to kill them off for.

How to Keep Your Home Pest Free this Winter The changing leaves and cool. termite damage posing a risk greater than fire, flood, and wind, termites are one .

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