Termite Awareness Week

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Termite Awareness Week draws to a close with Part 3 of our popular series. This time we’re tackling termite control and termite prevention. If you missed either of the earlier pieces, we highly recommend checking out Welcome to Termite Awareness Week and Part 2: Termite Information and Termite Inspection before continuing with Part 3: Termite Control and Termite Prevention.

The aggressive Formosan termites have been located by pest-control companies over the last week, said Erin Harlow. She has spearheaded Formosan termite awareness as cases increased in the Florida.

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Blue Chip Pest Services encourages public awareness of termites during warmer months St. Louis, MO (March 25, 2013) – This week, St. Louis based Blue Chip Pest Services is proud to observe Termite.

During Termite Awareness Week we challenge you to begin regularly inspecting your home for signs of a termite infestation and learn how to prevent termites. Termite colonies often begin swarming and finding new nest sites in the spring – so now is the time to do something about it!

Termite Awareness Week (March 10-16, 2019) March 11, 2019. One of the questions we’re asked most often when it comes to termites is "How can I tell if I have an infestation?" This is a great question since one of the things most people know about termites is that if you do have an.

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For the rest of the country, termites are on the down-low, literally, until Spring. That’s why National Termite Awareness Week is the third week of March every year, the 11-17 th for us this year. But here in Florida, where the temperatures don’t drop too far for long, termites are already active.

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Termite Mating Ritual. March 10-16 is termite awareness week and we want to educate you about the threat they pose to homes and the signs of a potential infestation. termites account for nearly $5 billion in property damage each year and, unfortunately, your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the cost of these damages.

The first full week of spring is Termite Awareness Week. As the weather warms, termites, become more active and damaging. Termites never stop. They feed on wood, making it brittle and weak. If left to feed long enough, they can total a home. The bugs do not sleep; they perpetually chew through wood.

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