Termite Control for New Construction

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Termite control is a top concern for Phoenix homeowners for good reason. termites are very prevalent throughout the Phoenix area. The most common termite is the Heterotermes aureus, or the desert subterranean termite, which is also the most destructive termite in Arizona.

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DO THIS Before you Drywall Your Remodel or New Build In new construction, time is money, and contractors’ margins take a hit when they are forced to wait for critical service or materials. In the case of termite pre-treatments, there are often very.

MEMPHIS, TN–(Marketwired – March 16, 2015) – Terminix ®, the leading provider of termite and pest control services in the United States. Baton Rouge, La. 18. New York, N.Y. 19. Kansas City, Kan..

Arrow Pest Control has been in the "Pre-Construction Termite Treatment" business for over 50 years and still going strong today! Pre-construction Termite Treatment is also referred to as a "Pre-Treat." Most new structures in the United States are treated against termites during the initial construction process.

Termite Treatment and Termite Control Concord NC & Albemarle NC. residential and commercial termite pre-treatments for new construction and additions.

A Comprehensive Homeowner’s & Business Resource for Termite Control. The Best Termite Treatment for New Construction (Commercial or residential) involves 3 key steps: Site Prep, Soil Treatment, and Barriers.. many developed countries where termites are common now incorporate termite treatment.

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The best way to protect your home or business from termites is by preventing them in the first place. We offer pre-construction termite treatments that will safeguard your property from future termite threats. Property Owners. LaJaunie’s Pest Control can protect your new home or business from termites.

New Construction Termite Treatment services are started during the initial phase of construction. Treating the soil with a good termiticide before the foundation is poured is the first step in protecting a structure.

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