Termite Control Is Key During Spring Termite Season

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Cartwright Termite & Pest Control, Inc. has been on your side providing the industries best pest control, termite control and bed bug services for 55 years. There is no set termite season. Most termites are active year around, but the " season" is usually when homeowners see swarmers thus the start of the season.

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Termites: Spring is the start of termite season as they leave their nests to mate and start new colonies. This is also known as "swarming.". there are a few species who peak during this hot season. Summer is typically the time in many pests’ life cycles where they are maturing and are.

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Find out how you can identify termite swarmers this spring season and prevent termite damage with termite prevention tips and termite control options.. Spring Swarmers: How to Prepare for Termite Season.. an eco-friendly alternative to termite control. Recent Posts.

Spring season in Houston, TX can bring a significant danger for homeowners: termites! Although termites remain active year-round, the warmer spring weather signifies the height of termite season in Houston. Termites start to swarm from their nests and begin looking to build new colonies in new locations.

Termites During the Fall Season. Posted on September 14, 2016. and often swarm during the same time of day as the spring swarmers (late morning).. contact A1 Exterminators for a free in home estimate for termite control. Previous/Next Tagged with: pest control, termite.

Perhaps a trip to the basement reveals a cracked foundation, or a series of low-flying planes during the. devouring insects. termite damage sometimes doesn’t make itself apparent until a colony is.