Termite Mounds and Termite Nests

Ants vs termites: Army ants attack termite nest HQ version.mov Centromyrmex and Iridomyrmex colonies sometimes nest in termite mounds, and so the termites are preyed on by these ants. No evidence for any kind of relationship (other than a predatory one) is known.

Termite mounds occur primarily in Australia and Africa, but they may be found anywhere around the world where termites are present.Although many assume that the mound that appears above ground serves as shelter for termites, in almost all cases, termites live several feet below the ground.

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These termite mounds are so extensive and massive, (2.5 meters) tall, with a diameter of about 30 feet (9 m) – aren’t nests, the researchers said. Over thousands of years,

Interesting termite nest pictures There is a vast array of termite nests , although you will only see most of these in tropical regions. Termite mounds are in themselves great engineering feats (which may give ideas to us humans in constructing self containing cities).

History and Etymology for termite. New Latin Termit-, Termes, genus of termites, from Late Latin, a worm that eats wood, alteration of Latin tarmit-, tarmes; akin to Greek tetrainein to bore – more at throw entry 1

How to Determine Termite Mounds in a Yard. Termite mounds such as this are found in deserts in Tanzania and other countries.. of mud, feces and chewed wood. There will be evidence of termite activity once you have removed the dirt around the nest. With a little dirt removal, it will expose.

The mounds of macrotermitine termites have stereotypical architectures, yet are highly variable in structure. All species locate their colonies underground, where they cultivate fungi that aid in cellulose digestion. The mounds enclose a ramifying network of tunnels that forms a respiratory gas exchange system for the nest.

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Both kinds of larvae may be termite predators. Some species usually live in the nest cabbage pan, feeding on organic matter, mushrooms, and.

Not all types of ground-nesting termites build mounds. The only termite mounds of note in North America are either fossils or models.

Termite nest is building constantly, until the colony of termites is living in it, and for a few hundred years the nest can grow up to 5 meters in height (for mound nests in tropical countries). The construction of a nest can take up to decades.