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Stink Bug on White Background Stink bug can be brown, grey or dark green colored. dorsal side of the body is covered with black, white, reddish or gray markings. Stink bug is also known as marmorated stink bug because of the marble-like coloration of the body. Stink bug has shield-like body, pair of wings, 3 pairs of legs and long antenna on top of the head.

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Treating houses that have become infested with termites takes patience and persistence. You should make sure that any pest control company you hire is as determined as you are to treat your termite problem until it is solved. Or, you can try do-it-yourself termite control techniques. [

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If you are willing to follow DIY termite treatment steps laid out by experts such as our staff here at Solutions Pest and Lawn, you can successfully pull off a DIY termite control program that will produce results and wipe out those termites feasting on your home. READ MORE: Termite Facts. Reason #1: Superior Products for Termite Control

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