Termites Facts

Fun Facts about Termites for Kids. Termites are among the oldest insects. They are related to cockroaches and have been on the earth for over 200 million years. Most termite species live in hot, wet climates, such as rain forests and jungles.

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Termites are some of the most studied insects in the world. There are many species of termites and here we’ll dive into fascinating termite facts. The Link Between Cockroaches & Termites. Scientists who study insects suspect that there may be an ancient link between cockroaches and termites.

Characteristics of a Termite Termite Description. Termites play a vital role in nature. They break down dead wood and other cellulose materials. This is helpful in the ecosystem and the balance of nature.

As the termites keep the outer, healthier surface of the wood intact to protect themselves, one tap can help you determine if your beloved piece of furniture is infested. Subterranean Termites vs Drywood Termites. Termites are divided into Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites, and Dampwood Termites.

When Does Termite Season Begin? As experts in termites, termite inspections, termite treatments, and other forms of pest control, we’re accustomed to handling these sorts of requests and we’re happy to answer them. Guide to the 2018 termite season in Louisiana When Does It Start? The 2018 Termite Season is here.

Termite Facts Termites are wood-destroying insects whose presence dates back to the dinosaurs. Termites are known as "silent destroyers" because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected.

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Ants vs. Termites Termites mostly feed on detritus, mostly wood, leaf litter, soil, or animal dung. There are an estimated 4,000 species (about 2,600 taxonomically known). About 10% are pests which can cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantation forests. Termites are major detrivores in the subtropical and tropical regions.

10 fun facts about termites Even though termites can cause a lot of problems with our health or home, they also have some interesting facts that will surprise you, or even make you laugh: 1 – Termites do a lot of damage!

Mound-building termites are a group of termite species that live in mounds. These termites live in Africa, Australia and South America. The mounds sometimes have a diameter of 30 metres (98 ft).

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FAQs about Termites» Videos on Termites» Termites are beneficial to the environment because they break down dead trees and other plant material into substances useful to plants, but they certainly aren’t beneficial to you in your house! Many species of termites cause considerable damage to homes, furniture, and other structures, such as.