The Best Mattress Covers for Bed Bugs

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Best bed bug mattress cover and Encasement Reviews. If you want to protect your bed, the covers and encasements below should help. If you already have bed bugs, our recommendation would be get a professional consult to get a handle on the level of your infestation.

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3. Invest in mattress covers to cover your mattress and box spring. 4. Buy a gallon or so of rubbing alcohol and some spray bottles. Rubbing alcohol is your new best friend. It not only kills bed bug.

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SafeRest mattress encasements and box spring encasements are essential to the process of making your bed bed bug proof. bed bug encasements seal off the mattress and box spring, eliminating those common hiding places that bed bugs use to breed and to avoid treatment efforts.

Bed Bug Mattress Cover. All major health concerns are just related to sleep some way or another. That is the reason why your sleep is more important than anything else out there. The most common problem we face while sleeping on our bed is that the mattress of our bed catches so many bad things which become the reason for many diseases.

Unfortunately, if the mattress cover has even a tiny opening, the answer is yes. “This zipper photo shows that not all mattress encasements can keep bed bugs contained. You notice the zipper does not.

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It is difficult and time consuming to inspect & deal with bugs and eggs inside of box springs and the edges of mattresses: An effective Encasesment takes the complexity of the mattress and box spring out of play, restricting the movement of bed bugs to the smooth exterior of the encasement where they can be easily detected and dealt with.