The Different Types Of Spider Webs

In some locations, funnel webs are also more common. Only in the tropics can orb webs equal other web types in abundance, but they still are rarely in the majority. So when you notice a spider web that is not a round orb, rest assured that it’s perfectly normal. Examples of 4 major types of spider webs.

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There are three main types of webs: orb webs, funnel or sheet webs, and the irregular webs of house spiders. Orb webs – Orb-weaver spiders build their webs almost completely through touch, because, although they have eight eyes, they actually have poor eyesight.

Among web-building spiders, different families spin their webs in different patterns. By looking at the shape and structure of a spider web, you usually can determine the type of spider that built it.

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Spiders use three pairs of spinnerets to form and purpose the desired silk product. The spinneret acts as a valve that the spider uses to determine the thickness, strength, and stretchiness of the silk, and allows the spider to create up to seven different types of web.

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Different types of spider webs include: Spiral Orb Webs – Spiral orb webs are the most common spider web. This web design is associated with the family Araneidae and species include orange garden orb weaving spiders, banded orb weaving spiders, bolas spiders and silk spiders, just to name a few.

A spider achieves these dualities by spinning with different types of silk, which emerge from silk glands in its abdomen by way of the spinnerets. Indeed, the spider’s evolution into some 40,000 known species coincides with the diversification of silk and what that’s allowed in web designs, each type enabling a species to exploit a new.