The Truth About the Danger of Kissing Bugs

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The Truth About the Danger of Kissing Bugs Written by Bryan Alaspa. Pests in the Headlines 2 Comments. In the news recently have been a number of stories about "kissing bugs" and the threat of them transmitting Chagas Disease. The stories have also stated that these insects (actually known.

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The truth about the danger of kissing bugs In the news recently have been a number of stories about "kissing bugs" and the threat of them transmitting Chagas Disease. The stories have also stated that these insects (actually known astriatomine , but also known as assassin bugs or conenoses) have "invaded" the U.S.

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What You Need to Know About Kissing Bugs Their name may sound sweet, but Kissing Bugs, properly known as triatomine bugs, are known to cause Chagas disease, particularly in Latin American countries. The infected bugs, which contract the disease from an infected person or animal, hide in the walls and roofs of homes made out of adobe, mud straw.

"Kissing Bug Tested Positive For Dangerous Chagas Disease in Lubbock". april fools’ day 2019: You Really Think You Know the Truth? 1 April 2019 Some days at,

Smart News Keeping you current Five Things to Know about Kissing Bugs and Chagas Disease The disease-causing parasite spread by biting bugs has spread beyond the tropical world

Kissing bug could bring kiss of death while you sleep Drivers with bug-coated windshields find it difficult to see. What are Florida lovebugs, and why are they such a hazard? Lovebugs Aren’t Bugs at All .. When Lovebug Mating Gets Dangerous . At times, the mating Florida lovebugs become so abundant in an area that they become a serious traffic.

This ‘Kissing Bug’ is Suddenly Showing Up Everywhere – If You See One, You’re in Danger April 22, 2017 sophia montessori 1 Comment They might have a cute name for a bug but their toxins are so dangerous to humans!

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