Top 3 Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Looking Great This Summer

How to Get and Maintain a Healthy Lawn. A beautiful lawn doesn’t require a flood of chemicals. Careful watering, mowing, and fertilization can keep your lawn healthy, along with annual de-thatching and aerating. With the right approach,

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At Topeka Landscape, we’re here to help with tips you should follow to keep your lawn looking great despite how hot and humid the weather gets. Click on the image below for a printable version, and hang it in your home or office so you don’t forget! Follow these tips to keep your lawn looking great all summer long:

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Tips on keeping your fescue lawn healthy and looking great. By: Jeffrey Cartwright, Owner, Cartwright Landscaping. Because of its non-invasive nature and relative low maintenance, fescue is a popular choice of grass for lawns all across the country. However, after a long and hot summer, your fescue lawn can begin to look worn down and sparse.

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Summer Grass Cutting Height. In summer, don’t cut the grass too short – especially if it’s a hot summer. Grass like “cool feet” which means the roots like to be shaded for optimal plant health. It also helps the young grass seedlings that have self seeded, a chance to grow, and keep weeds crowded out.

Seasons Changing: How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great During Autumn By Matthew On August 12, 2013 August 10, 2013 In Lawn Care , Lawn Care Tips Lawn Care , Lawn Care Tips 0 In a recent post, we discussed why it’s a great idea to apply fertilizer in late August and early September, as it goes a long way toward helping your lawn recover.