Travel Tips: The Bed Bug Connection

Travel Tips: What to Do If Your Hotel Has Bed Bugs 63 shares Not the nicest topic, but I think it’s good for anybody who’s been a victim of bed bugs to share their experience and hopefully help others with tips and suggestions on how you should handle the situation, as well as what to do when checking into hotels.

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 · Very skittish, bed bugs don’t like movement, which is why they feed on us while we sleep. Popular places for them to congregate are in the seams of mattresses, in bed frames, headboards, dressers and behind wallpaper or clutter. A bed bug, notes the CDC, can travel more than 100 feet in a single night.

Top Cities with Bed Bug Infestations Terminix has determined the most bed-bug-infested cities in the United States, and two Pennsylvania cities, including Pittsburgh, and two Ohio cities landed in the top 20. Pittsburgh came in at number.

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Thankfully, pest control experts have a comprehensive guide to checking your hotel room for bed bugs. The most obvious place to find bed bugs is-you guessed it-the bed.

Travel Tips: Bed Bug Survival Guide We’ve asked Steve Leahy, head technician for Bed, Bug, and Beyond in the Washington, D.C., area, for some prevention tips-and what to do if you find them. First tip: Take a deep breath.

If you travel smart it is wise to know how to avoid bed bugs when traveling. This article provides the best and most practical traveling advice for avoiding bed bugs and also knowing what to do to get rid of bed bugs if they hitch a ride in your luggage back home.

Bed Bug Hiding Spots. Remember bed bugs can hide just about anywhere. Be sure to check all areas of each room in your hotel or apartment complex to make sure your customers have a comfortable, pest-free stay. train your staff to understand the signs of bed bugs and share with them this helpful hotel bed Bug Guide. Knowledge is power when it.

S.L.E.E.P.: bed bug precautions to remember. Travelers should check for signs of bed bugs anywhere they stay, and can prevent contact and travel with these pests by. Holiday travel helps bed bugs spread. But knowing what these bugs look like and what kind of bites they leave on the skin can prevent an infestation from taking root.