Tree Termite: A New Species of Termites is Invading Dania Beach, Florida

Florida is the largest producer of watermelon in the United States with 24,000 acres under production and a farm value of $138 million. A new bacterial disease on watermelon was discovered in the spring season production in 2013 from Suwannee, Jackson, Hendry, Levy, Gilchrist, Alachua, and St. Johns counties in Florida.

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Unlike all other termites in South Florida, the soldier form of this termite species has a cone-shaped, dark brown head from which it secretes a pine sap-like chemical to ward off predators, including ants, lizards, and termites from another colony.

Top Ten Things To Do For Termite Control Termite Control. treatment. tap termite control;. so you should prepare as best as you can. Below we have a checklist for you: 10 things you should do before termite season.. While it may look nice, it’s an excellent source of food for termites. On top of this, it connects the.

The six-legged termites didn’t look menacing as they crawled on a tree outside the Fishing Hall of Fame in Dania Beach. But each insect, barely the size of a grain of rice, can do more damage.

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How to Tell If You Have Termites 2004 – Phoenix, AZ – National Conference on Urban Entomology +. 103 Abstract Title Page Number THE “TREE TERMITE”, nasutitermes costalis (holmgren) (TERMITIDAE: NASUTITERMITINAE): AN UNWELCOMED RESIDENT OF FLORIDA Brian J. Cabrera, Rudolf H. Scheffrahn and William H. Kern, Jr., University of Florida, Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education.

Termites can live and reproduce undetected for years, chewing away at your most valuable assets. They primarily feast on wood, but they also cause extensive damage to paper, insulation and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. All termite species cost property owners in the US more than $2 billion in treatments and repairs each year.

Tree termites terrorize Florida residents. Check out Truly Nolen pest advice blog a resource hub and seasonal tips to combat insects, rodents and more!. While Department of Agriculture officials thought they eradicated the pests when they first turned up in Dania Beach in 2001, the termites.

In 2009, we completed the sixth year of our survey/treatment cycles for eradication of the invasive arboreal termite, Nasutitermes corniger, in Dania Beach, Florida. From a high of several hundred million termites spread over 20 hectares, we have found only one localized population of N. corniger in the last two years.

COMPARISON OF THE RELATIVE ABUNDANCE OF SUBTERRANEAN TERMITE SPECIES (ISOPTERA: RHINOTERMITIDAE: RETICULITERMES) OCCURRING IN WOODLANDS AND URBAN AREAS OF MISSOURI Olga P. Pinzon and Richard M. Houseman Division of Plant Sciences-Entomology, University of Missouri, 1-31 Agriculture Building, Columbia, MO 65211 Data regarding.

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