Unusual Winter Weather Will Impact Spring and Summer Pest Populations

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"But it’s too soon to say what impact – if any – this will have on insect populations. winter and early spring. "If the spring turns cool and damp, it could mean fewer insects in summer," notes.. Yet, the upcoming warmer and drier spring conditions may cause ant populations to be even higher than previous years, as they seek out sources of water and food indoors.

Weather wake-up call. Unusual weather patterns – whether they be drought or deluge – are a tip-off to potential bug or disease problems. For example, an unusually mild winter (like the one a year ago), severe drought (like last summer’s), or prolonged periods of rain and cool temperatures in the spring are an advance warning to anticipate certain pest or disease problems.

An unusually warm winter followed by a wet and warm spring creates the perfect breeding ground for nuisance insects. read on: Mosquitoes and ticks are going to eat us all alive this summer.

Northwest U.S.: exceptionally warm winter weather made it easier for last year’s ant populations to survive the winter and begin to expand their colonies in the spring. Ticks will also take.

Very Cold Start to April and Odd Storm Setup ~ US Forecast Weather Changes Alter Pest Populations, Plant Pathogens.. The Insect Impact The effects of drought and summer weather conditions on insects also had indirect impacts that contributed to the intensity of wildfires this season.. The warmer-than-usual spring and summer weather in coastal.

In general, the winter was unusually mild with little snow, spring was early, and summer so far has been extra hot and dry. How is this extreme weather affecting pests? Ask 10 pest experts and you’ll probably get 10 different answers to that question.

The warmer, wetter spring weather might lead to higher than normal flying pest populations, including mosquitoes and stinging insects, and this will continue through the summer months in the.

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Southwest & West coast: winter brought severe and unusual weather, including extreme flooding, resulting in mudslides and even avalanches. The subsequent warmer, wetter spring weather may lead to higher than normal flying pest populations, including mosquitoes and stinging insects , that will continue through the summer months in the Southwest.