Uses of Arthropod Venom in Medicine

 · Venom: Not Just a Poison Decades of research into the compounds that make up snake venom has led to some startling discoveries Cobras are deadly, but perhaps they can save you too.

their bite contains a natural anesthetic. This discovery was. can paralyze small arthropods bitten by the bees, for up to nine minutes. Like a snake, a honeybee can use its mandibles to bite a foe.

Bee Venom Therapy – Grassroots medicine. steven novella on November 26, 2008. Shares. pat wagner (or “The Bee Lady,” as she likes to be called) treats herself for multiple sclerosis (MS) by allowing bees to sting her. She calls this bee-venom therapy (BVT) and believes it has saved her from MS.

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