What is a Bat Bug?

Bat bugs, like their counterpart bed bugs, are blood-sucking insects that feed on bats, birds, humans and any other warm-blooded mammals they come across. The bat bug is a very close relative of the bed bug.

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Bat bugs, on the other hand, have a more direct solution. Since bat bugs require bat blood to reproduce, evicting the bats in your home is the most effective treatment. removing the bats, as well as sealing any exterior entry points will prevent any future infestations.

Bat bugs can be chemically treated as long as the pest control person knows what they are doing. Bed bug solutions don’t work on bat bugs. If you get rid of the bats, the bugs will eventually (a few days to a few weeks) die off without their host.

Bat bugs are moderately common in Iowa and are found in houses and buildings that are infested with bats. The bat bug is a very close relative to the bed bug. The two species look so much alike that microscopic examination is needed to confidently tell them apart.

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Bat bugs feed on blood from bats, but when they wander away from the bat roost area, they will feed on other warm-blooded animals, including people. This feeding is an annoyance but is not dangerous. Bat bugs have not been found to transmit any diseases.

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