Who Pays for a Termite Inspection?

A veteran can pay for a termite inspection in some states, There are certain charges that a veteran may not pay, and The seller is only required to pay for what has been agreed to.

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A termite inspection is typically an expense borne by the buyer, but it’s worth the price. Most home purchase agreements are contingent on the results of independent inspections like termite inspections designed to reveal hidden problems and dangers:

Who pays for a termite inspection on a VA loan in Florida, Texas, or Alabama? Sean Stephens VA loan expert 800.806.9836 x280 Tampa FL VA Approved Lender, Dallas Texas VA Approved Lender, Tennessee VA Approved Lender List, Alabama VA Approved Lender.

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Paying for a pest inspection when selling a home-when it is required and when it isn’t, and who is responsible to pay, the buyer or seller. Paying for a pest inspection when selling a home-when it is required and when it isn’t, and who is responsible to pay, the buyer or seller..

Who pays for a termite inspection? Learn who is responsible for the cost. The treatment options can be overwhelming, but Terminix can help make it simple.

The only exception to this is the buyer who is using a VA loan. In this instance, the buyer is not allowed to pay for the inspection, and the seller becomes obligated to pay. Fortunately, termite inspections are not expensive, and many inspection companies allow payment to be made at settlement.

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WHO PAYS FOR A TERMITE INSPECTION WHEN BUYING A HOME Termites can be very irritating creatures and not only that, but they are also troublesome. And it

18-07-2018  · Who pays for the inspection? Although FHA doesn’t care who pays for the inspection, and it is a negotiable item, whether the seller or the buyer traditionally pay for it varies by region. Homebuyers who live in regions with a high probability of an infestation may want to make the inspection a contract contingency, requesting that the seller pay for it.

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VA Loan Reader Questions: Who Pays For Termite Inspections? A reader asks, "Where can I find information regarding who pays for a termite inspection and a termite letter for the state of Georgia? Does the buyer or the seller pay for the termite inspection? Thank you!"