Will Artificial Grass Protect My Home From Pests?

20 Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Turf July 7, 2016 Creating your perfect lawn by installing artificial turf is a big decision and it’s certain that you have a lot of questions before making an investment.

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Thiese delightful scarecrows will help protect your young plants and grass. Instantly scare birds and pests away from your garden with this rustic style scarecrow! Instantly scare birds and pests away from your garden with this rustic style scarecrow!

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Artificial grass is made of man-made non-biological materials. There is nothing for bugs to eat or love so it’s highly likely they’ll choose to live in someone else’s garden.. Does artificial grass attract insects or other pests?

If the potentially harmful windows are on a neighbor’s home, consider planting trees or bushes to protect your grass from focused window reflections. If your artificial grass becomes burnt or melted from window magnification, the damaged area can be removed and replaced.

When you are considering making improvements to the outdoor spaces in your property, adding synthetic turf to protect it from pests is sure to be one of the options that you consider.This is an easy and cost-effective way of getting a fantastic lawn that requires very little maintenance.

Spring is upon us, which means warmer weather, beautiful blooms, and plenty of annoying insects and other pests. Spring is a great time to clean your home, not only to get out all that dust and other debris that collected throughout the fall and winter, but also to get it ready for the pest infestation.

The best advice to follow is to keep your lawn and landscape areas free from organic debris, dust, dirt and trash. Organic materials, left to decompose on the surfaces, can cause havoc on a artificial grass or synthetic lawn surface; just like it would on a deck or driveway, creating a breeding ground for bugs and weeds.

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Cut shrubs away from the home, keep grass short, and manage weeds to reduce hiding areas. Secure all door sweeps and window screens to reduce entry points to the home. check potential entryways into attics and basements.