Yearly Termite Inspections Are Important

Termite Inspection. The most important part of a termite inspection and protection plan is that it will include regular inspections. A termite infestation will often start small, but could quickly grow into something more significant. If you have regular inspections completed, you could end up catching a termite problem before it grows.

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If they keep going unchecked, imagine the damage they can inflict upon your home in one year. Regular termite inspections are an important part of termite control in your home to protect your home from structural damage. Termites Do Their Work Unseen. The problem with termites is they’re quiet and often unseen.

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Is termite inspection necessary? Asked by anti_suttee, Austin, TX Sat Apr 27, 2013. We found a cute home, about 10 years old, in 78748 area. When we made a tour to the property, we couldn’t make out any termite damage, being generally enamored with its great layout and well-maintained look.

Timber Pest Inspections. A regular Termite Inspection can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs by detecting any termite activity BEFORE major damage is done.. Each year 1 in 5 homes suffer some form of termite attack causing more damage than storms, floods and fires combined.

Voracious devourers of cellulose, termites will eat wood products, such as paper, as well as wood itself. This unfortunate habit causes more than $1 billion damage to American homes each year. and.

I have been doing a termite check yearly on my house for the past few years. The reason being, when the house was made, some kind of termite barrier was installed which has warranty. To continue the warranty and keep it active, I have to get a yearly termite inspection done. It costs $200 per inspection .

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Annual Termite Inspections. Inspection For Termites. Inspecting your home for termites is more necessary than you may think. Each year, termites do billions of dollar’s worth of damage to homes. Unlike other disasters that can wreck a home, such as a fire or earthquake, termite damage is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance.

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